About us

"WEB" LLC is one of the first Internet-service provider organizations in Armenian market.

Since 1996 "WEB" company is providing various services related to Internet access.

During nearly 20 years we have created all the requisite conditions so that our customers have access to the boundless possibilities of the Internet.

Today "WEB" plays an important role in shaping, extension and development of Internet network in Armenia.

This success is made possible by long-term cooperation between our professional team and loyal customers of our company.

Main activities of "WEB" are the provision of Internet access to individual and corporate customers, domain registration, hosting services, rent space for servers (co-location) at the WEB’s data centre, providing e-mail and the allocation of IP addresses.

Out partners

Local partners

Internet Society Union of Information Technology Enterprises ARMIX itdsc

International partners

RIPE NNC European Internet Exchange Association