Home Internet

The service is provided via Ethernet , Wireless or Optical cable. Designed for individuals and for companies that have one or more computers connected to the network. High speed connection and low prices will satisfy all the requirements of our users.

All prices include VAT.

The service is available in Yerevan, Hrazdan, Vanadzor, Ashtarak and Aparan. For information about the availability of the service in other cities, please contact our specialists at the following telephone number: 060460229.

Package H1

1500AMD 7 days 6 Mbit/sec
5400AMD 31 days 6 Mbit/sec
7800AMD 45 days 6 Mbit/sec
14400AMD 95 days 6 Mbit/sec

Package H2

2400AMD 7 days 8 Mbit/sec
7800AMD 31 days 8 Mbit/sec
11100AMD 45 days 8 Mbit/sec

Package H3

2900AMD 7 days 12 Mbit/sec
9600AMD 31 days 12 Mbit/sec
13800AMD 45 days 12 Mbit/sec

Package H4

4000AMD 7 days 16 Mbit/sec
15000AMD 31 days 16 Mbit/sec
21300AMD 45 days 16 Mbit/sec

Package U_1024

36000AMD 31 days 25 Mbit/sec

Package U_2048

72000AMD 31 days 36 Mbit/sec